Vanguard's Covert Affair

Piper was by our girl Roxie – FC AFC Shiloh’s Rock My World, JH, VC, CGC and Greg Wegler’s boy Roy – FC AFC Wegler’s Crown Royal, and a full littermate to our boy Conner – Vanguard’s Covert Agent . Both Piper and Conner were standouts from the start!! It was an incredibly tough decision, but we placed Conner with a friend so we could watch him grow and we continued on with Piper. At 6 months old Piper was standing her birds till you reached her in the field, and thru the flush and shot. To say she was a gifted youngster was an understatement. A natural at line running like her mother she always had an innate ability to show exactly where one would expect a great bird dog to. We saw some many things in her that continually reminded us of how great she would be, just like her mother and father.

Unfortunately, at a little over a year old we lost Piper while she was away at camp. It broke our hearts as she was our planned competition replacement for Roxie. About a month later I received a call about Conner being at the vet’s for eating a small rock. Decisions were made to have Conner come back to us and I’m very glad things worked out as they did. However, we will dearly miss Piper.


DOB: 3/01/2013
Sex: Female
AKC#: SR77229703

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