Vanguard's Gritty Kitty

Kitty is out of Lexie – Vanguard’s Foolish Pleasure and sired by Bullet - NFC 2xNAFC RU-NFC RU-NAFC FC AFC Kick Em Up Bullet. Kitty is very much a carbon copy of her mother Lexie and Bullet… the best of both! Super snappy, very bird driven, lots of point, forward and always seeking game. Kitty got a later start and has done well in derby stakes, taking several placements. Currently she is off at summer camp, enjoying chasing birds and running the sandhills of Nebraska.

We are eagerly looking forward to the coming trial seasons with her. More updates to follow as we begin competition later this year.


DOB: 11/01/2013
Sex: Female
AKC#: SR80495803
OFA: Too Young
DNA: V752346

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